The Goddess Jenova

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I wonder if Jenova makes those breathing noises too.
Luke, I am your father.


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ShinRa Tweets from Last Night: [Inspired by a past thread with  the lovely terminusvitae ]
Me: So I'm reading this shitty OC/Sephiroth fanfic right and this OC chick says something really stupid to Sephiroth and I'm just like, are you trying to get yourself killed girl?
My Sister: Did she say, "You're mom's so fat, she couldn't fit through the lifestream!"?
Me: *screams*
Mama: i really hope one of these days i dont accidentally try to flirt with someone because i think im on xxxxx but im really on claudia
Cloud: LOL
Cloud: It's okay. Cloud will stop you
Cloud: hehascooties
Mama: accidentally flirts with zack
Mama: it would be really funny if zack flirted with claudia and she’s like ‘hi im cloud’s mom'
Cloud: that would be brilliant
Cloud: let me post that
silkiel sent: When the chorus sings "Come, come, o come", "Do not let me die" and "Glorious" and "Noble", I wonder if it is like the people are begging for Sephiroth's mercy.



Thank you for your message, @silkiel ! :D
My headcanon for Sephiroth is as follows:

Jenova is an goddess whose planet died. She used OMEGA to collect the red lifestream of her planet and travel the universe. This would mean that Jenova is made up from Lifestream-turned-physical: all the minds/souls/DNA that existed on Jenova’s planet, made physical. A blueprint, so life can be rebuilt on a new planet.

So if she were to get a son, Sephiroth Genesis, Angeal, Zack, Cloud, this son would be a guardian/safekeeper of the lost race’s blueprint. Following this idea, it would be like this:

  • Sephiroth is losing a fight.
  • Jenova’s race begs for survival,
  • the Lifestream-souls in the Jenova cells chant to motivate/give strength
  • Lifestream energy is energy so he does get strength
  • Sephiroth wins the fight
  • Sephiroth dies (I hate this follow-up)
  • Red Lifestream energy = Red Lifestream energy and can therefore not be picked up by the green Lifestream. Think of it as water and oil. (Green and red Lifestream can mix, and there are human emotions involved, but I’ll talk about that another day)
  • Sephiroth is revived.
  • Sephiroth tries to change the world to his liking or tries get off to give the race preservation a new planet. 

So I write Sephiroth as a hero of the Jenovian race. A man turned God because he holds the red Lifestream in him as well as partially the Green Lifestream.
So if he destroys the Planet and lays it to waste, he will be able to use it as a vessel and travel to other worlds. What happens to Gaia/the Green Lifestream? He couldn’t care less. ("What about this planet?!" - "…That’s up to you, Cloud."
At that new planet, he could - ahw, I can just quote him here! Watch how he uses the plural form. “What I want, Cloud, is to sail the cosmos with this planet as my vessel. Just as Mother did long ago. then one day we’ll find a new planet and on it’s soil we’ll create a shining future.”

A new future. Away from Shinra. Away from the stinky flowers and green Lifestream and anyone that inflicted hurt. And anyone who want, can join Sephiroth’s/Jenova’s Red Lifestream. 

Sephiroth offers dying people an alternative: you can choose which heaven you land in: stay in the endless cycle of “humans who never learn” (Rufus/Kadaj quote, I think?) or take your chances with everyone else who hates the Planet and Shin-Ra and start a life on a new planet?

Sounds like a hero, no? :D  ….Sounds like a God.


Veni, veni, venias, Gloriosa               Come, come, O come, Glorious

Ne me Mori facias, Generosa             Don’t let me die, Noble

Sephiroth                                            Sephiroth

He was trying to save his entire race, and we killed him….FORGIVE US, OH NOBLE SEPHIROTH!